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100% Improvisation

by Mauricio Castro

The Improvisation Pack contains all you need to start up your tango adventure.

In the 4CD ROMs you'll find videos, animated sequences, moving graphics and all the explanations of how to improve faster.

Here is the most revolutionary tango training ever offered! After practicing with this material, you will find yourself improvising tango with ease. These are the exercises taught by Mauricio Castro in his workshops and seminars around the world. Mauricio is considered to be the leading authority in tango improvisation. For the fist time you will have access to the best training exercises, specifically designed to help you take control of your dancing.

Mauricio Castro has trained hundreds of professional dancers and tango teachers with this method.

  Posted by: on 05/09/2005

This set of CDs is an excellent visual reference and addition to Mauricio Castro's books. The "front cross -  back cross -  open step" structure opens the door to unlimited improvisation in both parallel and crossed-foot systems.

I highly recommend it to either beginner or advanced dancers. For beginners it's a great resource to start with, learn and begin to improvise faster. It will help advance dancers to systematize steps and sequences they already know, and get more comfortable with improvising in time. More information...


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