Tango Evolution:  Argentine Tango Dance Classes & Lessons in Atlanta, Georgia past, present, and future... tango is a living, ever evolving language, pass it on... Tango Evolution is an Argentine Tango social club. We offer Argentine Tango Dance Classes & Lessons in Atlanta, Georgia.


Tune in and listen to your favorite tango tunes from the early days of tango up to the newest modern recordings. We will be broadcasting 24 hours a day 7 days per week. Listen at home or while you are at work.

We hope to bring you all the classics, some new music and some re-discovered music. We are  constantly searching for new music and old forgotten music. Recently I purchased a 150 vinyl LP collection of tango albums and am still sifting through them for gems. I have already found a few and look forward to sharing them.

How to connect:

1. Go to: http://www.live365.com/stations/322388, click on the Play icon (yellow) and then choose Download Player365 (green). You will do this each time you log onto the radio station.

You can purchase more advanced players if you like but the free player works very well. Each listening session begins with an advertisement for Live365, so please wait for it to finish.

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Tango Evolution Radio - 24/7 Online Radio Station broadcasting Argentine Tango from Atlanta, Georgia.
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