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Clint Rauscher & Lena Hrybok - "Indio Manso" 2010


Clint Rauscher & Lena Hrybok and Kevin & Edie Mason - Tango by the Lake 2008


Shelley Brooks and Clint Rauscher - DubStep Tango
August 2014
This is our performance from the 2014 Daza Showcase. We love traditional tango, but every once in awhile we like to dance to something more modern. So, for this performance, we chose to dance to a DubStep song.


Shelley Brooks and Clint Rauscher - A Brief History of Argentine Tango
May 2014
The concept of this performance is to show a progression of Argentine Tango from its early days up to today, demonstrating different rhythms, embraces and styles.


Kevin & Edie Mason and Clint Rauscher & Lena Hrybok - Hot Jam 2007