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Lena Hrybok

I studied music for many years, but was always very fond of other art forms like theater and dance. Over years I've taken ballet and modern, and with special interest studied flamenco.

Tango was love from the first sight, and with years it developed into so much more than just a hobby.

For me, the process of exploring tango is like a life-long process of learning a new language. I study not only its rich vocabulary, but discover nuances of different dialects (styles in tango). Tango is an ongoing journey, which brings new adventures and surrounds me with new friends. But most of all, tango is a journey of discovering my inner self. I believe that the true tango connection could be reached only by finding the harmony and balance within us as individuals. Tango challenges me every day; it shows me how much I can attain as a dancer, musician, person, and human being.